Vendors of software and services for museums, archives and libraries exhibit their products and discuss their work at Museums and the Web.

Exhibit + Demonstration Hall

Hall Hours

  • Tuesday, October 7 12:00pm – 5:00pm
    Exhibit Hall opens with Exhibitors’ Reception Lunch 12:00pm – 1:00pm.
  • Wednesday, October 8 9:00am – 5:00pm

Featured Companies

The following organizations will be featured in the Exhibit Hall:

Axiell ALM
AXIELL is the leading provider of collections management software and data publication tools for the cultural heritage sector. Built upon decades of expertise in the field, comprehensive functionality and ease of use, our products are the natural choice for museum professionals. Over 2,600 institutions worldwide rely on our software. Adaptable to collections of all types and sizes, our software conforms to international standards (Spectrum, CIDOC, OAI-PMH, Unicode Europeana). Our open API also ensures that you can make the most of your data. Talk to the experts. http://www.axiell-alm.com

Chinese Museums Association Marketing & Public Relations Committee
Chinese Museums Association represents the Museums and Relevant Products and Technologies Exposition (MPT-EXPO) which was established in 2004 by the Chinese Museums Association and the China Association of Natural Science Museums and other organizations and is held every two years. MPT-EXPO is the only international comprehensive exhibition in the museum and museum-related industry in China. With the goal of building an exchange platform for the museum industry and helping the creative development of the museum industry, the MPT-EXPO has already been held successfully five times.

Gallery Systems
Gallery Systems provides data-driven Web applications for museums publishing collections and exhibitions online. We offer integrated, affordable solutions incorporating our eMuseum and EmbARK Web Kiosk applications, combining advanced technologies with flexible interface design to publish content directly from any database to the Web. Our clients include the Dallas Museum of Art, Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution), Seattle Art Museum, Brooklyn Children's Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the International Center of Photography/George Eastman House.

Tangomike co.,ltd.
Tangomike focuses and works on the idea of how art can familiarize with the public. We’ve been making new kind of exhibition culture for user’s perspective by developing experiential media. Recently, we established Tangomike Museum Lab and systemized O2O Museum (online to offline) so that everywhere can be museum. We provide museum service design for audience centered operation, experiential media for audiences’ creative participation, and education content development / distribution applying new media. Furthermore, by establishing Open Museum online, we expand functional capacity of existing museums as well as create a contact point where the public can easily approach to art content whenever and wherever.

The Korean Art Museum Association
The Korean Art Museum Association, a non-profit organization, is committed to developing and contributing to Korean arts and culture. Since its inception in 2005, the Association has been striving to nurture around hundred member museums through a wide variety of resources programs and projects. The Korean Artist Project, one of the representative international project of the Association, is an online website(KAP,www.koreanartistproject.com) designed to present virtual solo exhibitions curated by over 20 member museums’ curators.Hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and organized by the Korean Art Museum Association, the KAP is updated annually since 2011. This dynamic platform for open-source digital archiving system handles large collections of over 70 artists and artist information such as their biographies, artist and critic notes, and the artist video interviews. The KAP provides the opportunity for artists and art lovers worldwide to encounter outstanding Korean contemporary artists and experience virtual exhibitions of their work without any restrictions.

The future of UX, A company taking the lead in the story Experience.
"Urbanplay design a culture-rich city of sensibilities and trust by addressing city cultural issues through technology that anyone can access."
As a IT-based cultural content professional company, Urbanplay offer a new type of cultural content experience through delightful projects involving urban culture from exhibit content and design to museums and galleries, science museum.
With expertise in everything from planning to design and development capabilities, Urbanplay create unprecedented new content experience through access to fusion and convergence of the story and digital media.

COMPANY: Wspaceinfo's ability to let customers experience virtual reality, in particular, allows for atypical virtual construction and digital heritage analysis.
PRODUCT: An edutainment system for digital heritage buildings
It is able to build a digital heritage with its digital architectural-components in virtual worlds based on traditional construction method, and to support interactive architectural simulation. Our exhibition products are TouchBIM, X-Top, and hETRIs. TouchBIM is a touch-screen kiosk system for HBIM of traditional wooden buildings. X-Top is an assembly and simulation system for traditional stone architectures using miniature components. hETRIs is an assembly game system for Korean traditional bracket system Gong-po.