Deep-Dive into Interpretive Media

Agnes Stauber, LACMA, USA, Anne Martens, J. Paul Getty Museum, USA, Jolein van Kregten, Van Gogh Museum, The Netherlands, Ann Blokland, Van Gogh Museum, The Netherlands

In this workshop, content strategists and producers from three major museums will guide a

discussion on interpretive strategies and digital storytelling. Taking a step back from common

technical and organizational challenges related to media production in museums, we will look at

inspiring examples created by museums—and beyond them, by multimedia journalists—in the

form of narrative, non­fiction stories. Delving into the inherent power of different media formats

or platforms such as audio, video, the Web, and mobile to tell highly compelling stories, we will

explore the necessary decision making process before embarking on producing interpretive

content for museums. What questions do we have to ask ourselves? What insights do we need

about our intended audiences? How do we channel available assets and myriad possibilities

into a great interpretive media experience that is also realistic to achieve? A hands-on exercise

focusing on interpretation will follow this provocative discussion, in which participants will

practice by choosing the best medium to convey their story.