Introduction To Journey Mapping: Tools For Understanding, Aligning, And Prioritizing

Allegra Burnette, ABA | Allegra Burnette & Associates LLC, USA

This workshop is a shortened version of the customer journey mapping workshops conducted by Forrester Research for clients from a wide range of industries. In the workshop, we will outline a series of quick hands-on exercises to map out a complete experience from the visitor’s point of view. Along the way, we will learn how to identify touch points, emotions, and related metrics as well as look at the underlying ecosystem supporting the visitor journey. The goal is to uncover problem areas or opportunities for improvement before ideating and prioritizing possible solutions. While the workshop will be an abbreviated version of the full one and two day workshops that Forrester conducts, participants will come away with an understanding of the process and its application to museums and cultural institutions.

Published research available at (paywall) forms the basis of this workshop.