Creating mobile, Web, Windows and Mac apps using simple scripting language

Slavko Milekic, University of the Arts, USA

In this workshop you will learn how to make an interactive app that will work on the Web (HTML 5), on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets), and even on desktop stations running Windows or Mac OS.

We will use the free (open source) scripting language LiveCode, which has English-like syntax and can be mastered by individuals with no programing experience. Workshop presenter has created a number of interactive touchscreen museum applications (yes, using LiveCode) and is currently teaching a course on creating iPhone & iPad applications at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia for students without previous programming experience.

No previous programming experience is required for the workshop. However, the participants are encouraged to look at LiveCode description at and download the free open source version of the software before the workshop. During the workshop we will develop a functional prototype of a museum app (with your input) and test it on a mobile device (iPhone or iPad) as well as on Mac desktop.