Anything in, Anything out: Dynamic Data Aggregation and Web Publishing

Andrew David, Minneapolis Institute of Art, USA, Kjell Olsen, Minneapolis Institute of Art, USA

This half-day workshop will provide attendees with the information they need to build an effective pipeline that will both find and feed data for web publication. All organizations have multiple sources of data and information, in both structured and unstructured formats. Historically, publishing this morass of content to the web had to be a manual process: either build the darn HTML pages one-by-one or spend your days typing characters into little CMS boxes. Aargh! We now have much more powerful tools that help to build the necessary bridges and make this process both dynamic and automated.

Attendees will learn about dynamic data aggregation and how it’s useful for web & mobile publishing, the array of data aggregation tools that are available, the capacity of a small set of specific tools (e.g., Redis, Elasticsearch), and the pros and cons of each. The workshop will also help attendees anticipate future trends in data aggregation.

Please note: to get the most from this workshop, attendees should possess a working knowledge of: LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP); Web CMS functionality; PHP, Javascript and / or other Object Oriented Programming Languages; and JSON. Familiarity with REST and database functionality, including SQL, would also be helpful.